Re-opening soon

how is your day?
We are busy preparing for the come back..
Eileen Cakes Galore will no longer take orders now.. We will only conduct classes.. ( yeayyy!!! )
There's a lots of classes to choose from: 
baking class, pastry class, buttercream decorating class, fondant decorating class, 'kuih-muih' class, cooking class, etc.. 
It could be a private class, a small group class or a large group demo...
Follow us on INSTAGRAM for latest class schedule update..
Looking forward to see you


Assalam, it's been awhile since my last post here.. Just wanna say Hai! Have a wonderful weekend peeps.. 🎳📷🚲

Strawberry Choc Triffle

packed with swissroll, choc fillings, strawberries, top with whip cream, strawberries and choc chips..
Suitable for pot-luck party!

Beautiful Butterflies Cake

Buttercake with Fondant finishes
It's a wedding gift cake
Thanks to Zulyda Russlin

Wedding Cake Package A - Blue Purple

Lower Tier - Carrot Cake 

Upper Tier - Red Velvet Cake 

25 pcs Choc Cupcakes 

Wedding Cake Package A
(2 tier cake & 25pcs cupcake)
Blue & Purple theme
Thanks to Hafizi

Choc Cake

Hundred Swirls
Choc Moist Cake with Choc Ganache
Love it you may have it anytime of the day..
Thanks to Mus

Mother's / Grandma's Cake

Mother's / Grandma's Cake
Butter Cake with Fluffy Vanilla Frosting
Sweet Rose Buds
Thanks to Suraya Sulaiman

Red Velvet All The Best Cake

All The Best!
Red Velvet Cake with French Buttercream
A surprise cake for a farewell party
Thanks to Azrina Hanim

Hello Kitty Glam Cake

Hello Kitty
Rainbow Cake 6 Flavor with Fondant finishes
a sweet cake for a young lady
on her surprise party
Thanks to Tzy Tyng's friend, Pinkli

Rainbow Cakes in the house

Rainbow Cakes
 With Fluffy Vanilla Frosting
Don't mind the colors.. it even have 6 flavors...
YUP! And it's so yummy friends keep on repeating orders..
Thanks to Hassuifah, Faizz and Huda.. 

Glam - Fur Cake

Strawberry Cake
Love and Fur for glamour party
Thanks to Adda

Twitter Cake

Rainbow Cake 6 Flavors
A wedding gift cake from the bride to the groom
Thanks to Bella

Instagram Cake

Rainbow Cake
A wedding gift cake from the groom to the bride
Thanks to Bella

Bike & Car Cupcakes

Choc Moist Cupcakes
Toyota Wish Car and Suzuki B-King Bike
Thanks to Misz

Ben10 Cake

Theme: Ben10
Design: 2D Topper
Flavor: Choc Moist cake
Thanks to Hafiz and Nora

Phineas & Ferb Cake

Theme: Phineas and Ferb
Design: Flat 2D
Flavor: Choc Moist Cake
Thanks to Zaza

Timmy Time Cake

Theme: Timmy Time
Design: 2D Topper
Flavor: Rainbow Cake
Thanks to Nurmala

Rainbow Cake

Flavor: Rainbow Cake
Theme: Rainbow
Thanks to Huda

Avengers Cupcake Toppers

Avengers Toppers
Thanks to Sakinah

this is second time my dear friend Nur Sakinah ask me to make fondant deco for her lovely cupcakes and sugar cookies, from Serendipity Bake Shop

Congrats cupcakes

Congratulations to Ee Vern
a small celebration in the office with
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Thanks to Rena

Double Choc & Chip Muffins

 Double Choc & Chip Muffins
simple but delicious
Thanks to Ekin

Log Rig Cake

Log Rig cake
a special request from Nor to surprise her husband. she precisely requested this model of log rig, his favourite one.
Flavor: Choc Moist Cake
Thanks to Nor